Watch Maintenance

While a watch can last for many years and even generations, like anything else, it does endure some wear and tear over time. IWC’s watch Service and Repair experts have provided their professional advice and tips to help you keep your watch in the same excellent condition in which it was bought.

General Cleaning
Maintenance Schedule
Winding and Setting
Water Resistance
Things to Avoid

General Cleaning

Keeping your watch clean on the outside lessens the chance of it getting dirty on the inside. Wipe off your watch periodically to remove dust, dirt, moisture and perspiration.

Cleaning a NON water-resistant watch:
  • Avoid exposure to any moisture.
  • Simply wipe the watch with a dry soft cloth.
Cleaning a water-resistant watch:
  • Use a soft damp cloth to clean the head of the watch and then wipe off with a dry soft cloth.
  • Metal bracelets can be cleaned by using mild soapy water and a soft toothbrush.