IWC Watch Travel & Case Collection

Collecting watches may become an obsession and person who like to actually wear all watches and during travel watch care is a risk. A watch case saves your watches while traveling or in your wardrobe watches collection.

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Why use a watch case?

A watch roll or travel case is normally made of leather and is in the shape of a tube. Inside the roll, there will be a tube filled with foam or some type of stuffing which enables you to fasten your watch around it much like a wrist.

Handcraft and Material

Our hand made Watch cases are essential to keep your watch scratch-less and safe any time any where. Material consist of calf leather with hand polished and finished to ensure quality case.

Watch Case Sizes

IWC watch rolls are available in 3 different sizes for 1 to 3 watch safe keeping and Six different colors are available for your choice.

Watch Pouches

IWC watch pouches are small in size and easy way to safely case your precious watches while traveling. These pouches are available in 4 different colors.